Embedding donation form

You can easily embed our donation form directly into your own donation tool, rather than building a native API integration. This option provides the same benefits as a native integration (including webhook notifications) while saving build time.

Get code snippet to embed donation form

There are 2 options how you can get it:
  1. 1.
    Use GetOrganizationById endpoint. In the response, you will find the field widgetCode which contains 3 options:
    • script - The script will embed the donation form directly into your own tool.
    • popup - This option will insert a button within your donation tool - clicking on it will open the donation form as a pop-up
    • iframe - Insert donation form as an iFrame (not recommended)
  2. 2.
    Use GetWidgetSnippet endpoint.
    This way is useful if you need to customize button text or style of the form.
    Please note, if you want to embed more than 1 donation form on the same page, then you need to provide a unique scriptId and button.id (in case you use popup option)