📈Stock Donation Flow

Choose a ticker

To begin with stock donations you will need to fetch a list of tickers using the endpoint GetTickersList.

Once a donor chooses a ticker, fetch a price for that ticker using the endpoint GetTickerCost. Note that the minimum pledge amount is equivalent to $500.

Create donation pledge

When a donor chooses a ticker, amount, and personal information (anonymous stock donations are not allowed), create a donation pledge using the endpoint CreateStockDonationPledge. At the response, you will receive donationUuid, and save it for future requests.

Provide broker information

The next step is providing broker information. You can get a list of supported brokers by calling the endpoint GetBrokersList. After a donor chooses a broker, submit a stock donation using the endpoint SubmitStockDonation.

Donor signature

The last step is to ask for a donor's signature. We accept PNG in base64 encoding. You can use react-signature-canvas or any other tool to generate a base64 string. Pass it along with donationUuid and sign date to the SignStockDonation.

Signature Disclaimer

In order to create and send stock pledges using The Giving Block API, you must display the below language to donors, or similar language agreed to by The Giving Block. The language will vary per implementation, please contact integrations@thegivingblock.com to confirm the specific language to display.

Standard Disclaimer:

By signing my donation request electronically I hereby consent to contracting electronically and agree that such signature will be legally equivalent to a manual paper signature. I hereby consent to having the donation request information I provided through this process compiled together with this signature into the broker-specific required forms. I acknowledge that I will later receive a record of this form and have the ability to maintain my own records of the same, whether in digital or hard-copy form. If you have any questions please reach out to support@thegivingblock.com

Webhook notifications

You may expect TheGivingBlock to send a webhook once stock donation is completed. Please see Webhook notifications documentation part for more details.

Depending on the integration flow, await Deposit completed event to send receipt email or perform any other actions. This can be disabled per organization or for your API user.

For more detailed information regarding interaction with the API please check API reference documentation

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