Nonprofit Onboarding Flow

In this section we will describe how to perform onboarding of the non-profit organization into our system.
This flow should be used when you would like to build direct integration with Shift4 payments API for the card payments.
    • Obtain access and refresh tokens and store them securely to get access to other API endpoints.
  • Use the InitializeNPOOnboarding endpoint to create a new non-profit organization entity in our system
    • Please contact [email protected] for assistance with mapping your non-profit organization data to the endpoint parameters if needed.
    • Obtain an organization ID in the response.
  • Use the EnableCardFlow endpoint to enable the card payment method
    • You need to pass required data related to the NPO Merchant payment account there. Please check API Reference for exact fields you need to pass
    • Obtain the following data:
      • Merchant ID - merchant identifier in Shift4 systems
      • Merchant number - merchant additional identifier in Shift4 backend
      • API keys for Shift4 payments API https://dev.shift4.com/
  • Use the Shift4 payments API to perform card payments https://dev.shift4.com/
Nonprofit Onboarding Flow diagram